Here’s why Saif-Kareena are Jodi No. 1

Shiva mahesh

3 Dec 2015
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As the couple celebrates four years of wedded bliss, we take a look at what makes them tick.

Saif and Kareena complete four years of marriage today.
Bollywood’s nawabi couple and soon-to-be parents, Saif and Kareena complete four years of marriage today. Looking back at the journey that started on October 16, 2012 we look at all the things that contributed to their wedded bliss.

Saif is the only man Kareena has ever ‘listened’ to. In her earlier relationships, she was headstrong, impulsive and even rebellious. One of her earlier beaus is known to have complained within his circles about how the actress ‘tires him out’ with her stubbornness. With the nawab however, Kareena moulded herself — that includes her taking a keen interest in books

For Saif, it was the opposite case. He had been in relationships where the women called the shots. For once, in his own words, this was a relationship ‘between equals’

Given that both of them come from a certain pedigree, neither was dazzled or intimated by the other. To this day, they pay their individual bills

Both Saif and Kareena have immense respect for each other’s family. Kareena idolises her elegant mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore. Saif too, is close to Bebo’s mother and sister, Babita and Karsima. The two ladies are known to consult the son-in-law before any decision, ranging from divorce issues to the colour of the curtains

Saif and Kareena do not interfere in one another’s careers. They have grown together as artistes even after tying the knot

The two have similar tastes in home décor. Their dream house is being built brick by brick by the couple themselves

Religion has never been a bone of contention for a disagreement. Saif is a practising Muslim and Kareena is a Hindu

The two give each other space. Kareena had once said, “The secret of a successful marriage is to give each other space. Disagreements are a healthy part of a relationship.”

They have their own life beyond their marriage. Kareena is extremely gregarious. Her close friends include Amrita Arora (Malaika’s sister) and designer-producer Shabina Khan. Saif on the other hand, prefers the company of his music and books.

The couple is expecting its first child four years after marriage. There was never any pressure on Kareena for motherhood—neither from Saif nor from his mother. Motherhood was a choice left entirely to Kareena — much like it was for Sharmilaji

Here’s why Saif-Kareena are Jodi No. 1
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