How to Remeber Last channel Memory


3 Nov 2010
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I have Two Airtel box 1st Hd 2nd Normal Sd,
My Hd Box Have Aug 11 Software Version but Start Same channel After The Power On ( last channel memory)
But Sd Box Start With Channel number 100. What is Reason Behind this ? can We Transfer Software From hd to sd box ?
Any other idea For Activate Last channel memory in Sd Box.

Some Version of my hd box
Release Number: 255
Stb serial number:xxxxxxx
manufacture id : 0x4d
model no.0x25
hardware version 0x47
driver version
Receiver Software : Aug 3 2011
Epg Release Version 3.0.67_0.0.1_MNT3 26 July 2011
Gitgit Version 3.5.97 7 july 2010
Drief version 36.03 1 st july 10
Epg engine 10.1.9_20 aug 3 2011
application manager version 3.0.3 aug 3 2011
app engine version 10.1.9_020 aug 3 2011
ca version 2.2.23 aug 03 2011
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