Good News My New Tata Sky HD connection.

I disagree with the watermark thing. Yes, we need translucent watermark. But Sun Direct's watermark placement is the worst. We don't need watermarks in the middle of the screen.
Correct .. logo theme of SD is nice but position is worst .. meanwhile SD bad time started seems with their hardware issue .. nowdays it's very rare to see sdirect dish here especially new one
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Welcome to sky family bro but you were too late! I did this 3 years back and congratulations bro

Polimer, Zee thirai, other channels you can watch!

I do remember you were asking Puthuyugam hopefully you will enjoy with sky
Yes bro, I need Puthuyugam...But it's not available in Tata Sky. :cap2:

It's available in airtel and D2H. but I cannot go for Airtel only for Puthuyugam. Their packs and website are confusing for me and I don't want to see their reddish logo all the time...Now a days they are having the habit of only removing tamil channels..New tamil channels addition happened long years ago..if I am not wrong Zee thirai was the proper tamil channel addition made by them...and if they are adding any tamil channels it mostly like the readdition of same tamil channels ...So, ideally they are playing with same channel removal and re addition :sleepy2: :undecided: :em::cf2:

I have plans to move again to Sun direct if one of the following things happen.

If Sun direct add pending tamil and HD channels, I will return but that's highly unlikely going to happen...:snail2::sleepy2:

And will switch to Sun direct if they drop the Thalaiva pack..But that also will not happen I think..Because this Thalaiva was launched over 3 years ago named as 1.0..Now recently launched 2.0..So, going by their name, I don't think they will drop the plan...instead they might launch 3.0 I think. :cheers: :tup:
Very good bro sundirect is very waste iam also sundirect customer Tata sky is Best dthservice
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