Huwaei HD STB 304 update !!


21 May 2011
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My Airtel Huwaei HD STB has been updated to version 304 from 301..But I don't observe any change.

Anyone else have seen any change with the latest update ??
oh what chages you get meance any canges in channel chaging time speed and home channel too.
well, i don't find any change in channel change, new updates of the SD STB had the Tamil EPG while this has not yet been done in this HD update yet.
and some days it was redirecting home channel to movie one chk it- is this change done for you or its as the old till now?:huh
^^Nope that happened only on August 15th when they launched the HeroMotoCorp ad and got normal the next day itself :)
some days before my SD STB was automatically updated but no change in this way, i think it was only to change some diagnostics!
My STB did not get the update. How do I check the current version and the make of my HD STB?
dont worry it will b updated automatically. also in software download status in diagnostics section, it must b showing idle that means right now new update is due but it will take some time. if status is ''waiting user'', then ur turn has come. keep stb on stand by and it will b updated
updated automatically dont worry keep stb on stand by mod some time
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