I didn’t charge dad for Mausam: Shahid Kapoor

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8 Jun 2011
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Shahid Kapoor charges over Rs 15 crore for his films, but the actor hasn’t taken a penny for his upcoming film Mausam.

Directed by his father Pankaj Kapur, the film has been made on a budget of Rs XXX crore. But, the 30-year-old actor clarifies that his fees did not add to the expenses. “It is such a big and expensive film that I didn’t want the burden of my fees to fall on the film’s budget. We’ve worked out a structure of sorts, so that my payment is not a burden on the film as of now,” says Shahid while on a visit to the Capital. Does that mean he's following a profit sharing model like the Khans. "Please contact my accountant for more details," he says.

Shahid has had a spate of bad luck with international events recently. In August, the music launch of the film in London was cancelled due to the riots in the city, and his live performance at Times Square, New Jersey, was called off after hurricane Irene struck. He now has his fingers crossed that all will go well with Mausam’s scheduled premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday.

But, the film has reached a stumbling block. Based on the Indian Air Force, a seqeuence in the film needs to reworked after the IAF objected to it. “Certain special effects and computer graphics were added during post-production and that's come under scrutiny. But it’s a 30 second sequence and hopefully will be rectified in time.” Though he is pragmatic about the cancelled events, he adds, “I’m not making plans for Toronto as of now.”

For him, the best part about his role as Squadron Leader Harinder (Harry) Singh was getting to fly an F16 and the worst was having to maintain a moustache! “It is the most difficult thing to maintain! I used to cut myself while trimming everyday. And I will never keep one in the future again,” says Shahid, all smiles now that he’s back to his clean shaven avatar.
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