Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput blessed with a baby girl


21 Jun 2013
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This day definitely couldn’t have got any better than this! Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have been blessed with a baby girl. Yes! While the baby’s picture is currently kept guarded for obvious reasons. Mira is reported to be in good health. Wait, can we just take a moment to digest the fact that Shahid and Mira are actually parents now? I mean, Wow! Now that has been one helluva journey for the couple!

Having married in July last year, Shahid and Mira’s relationship has indeed only got stronger with every passing day. In fact, usually it takes time to settle down especially if you’re in an arranged marriage but Sasha and Mira made sure to prove that wrong by setting newer relationship goals.

Reminds us of Shahid’s interview when he had once gushed about his wifey saying, “It’s a good feeling to be around Mira and she makes me happy. Though, there is another thing that I would always feel bad about. Whenever I used to land in any city, I’d never get a message asking me, “Have you reached?” Everybody around me used to get messages from someone or the other, asking, “Have you landed? What is happening there?” When you live with people in the same house, they keep track of your minute-to-minute movement. But that doesn’t happen when you live alone. I always used to think, “Yaar, kyun mere se koi yeh poochta nahi hai? (Why does nobody ask me how and where I am?). So, today, I feel happy to have that somebody around me (smiles). Now, he gets it every time, “Every other second (laughs). But, on a serious note, it’s a good feeling.”

Good news!! Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput blessed with a baby girl! -
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