Good News Installed Tata Sky HD connection with Annual Tamil Lite New Pack

23 May 2020
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Being a Sun Direct User, I was literally fedup with the Sun Direct's poor channel addition, so I decided to change my DTH operator then I was confused to choose between D2H and Dish TV and later came to know they both have their own Cons like Less HD Channel Count/Broadcaster bouquets and finally I decided to go with Tata Sky which has comparatively less Cons and greater transparency in channel choice. I was very impressed with their Rs.2200 Semi Annual Tamil Lite Plus Pack and later enquired about it with a local dealer and finally I bought a new connection with Annual Tamil Lite New Pack for which the dealer charged me Rs.3100 totally. I think its a good offer, Because the price will be actually Rs.1500 (STB) + 2400 (12*200 Tamil Lite New Pack for 12m) = 3900. So I Saved almost 800(3900-3100). Here is my view on TS after 3 days of usage.

Pros :
*Transparency (This is where TS attracted me, their channel price and selection and everything they provide were clear for a customer to choose between and They provide a complete information about their channels and package including NCF and Taxes)
*Excellent mobile app Interface. Easy to add and drop channels and Select what you want.
*Sound quality is better while compared to Sun direct. (I connected my Home Theatre to Television and watched some HD channels with Dolby Digital on. Awesome sound experience it was.)
*Their Customer service is good. I called them 4 times in this 3 days for some queries and everytime they answered my questions in a polite manner (I never experienced this with SD's Customer Care. )
*Remote is extremely good. Works perfect and I paired this with my TV Remote too so I don't require my TV remote anymore to switch on/off my TV)
*Channels availablity (They have almost all channels which I need, and they almost all Broadcaster bouquets! Heard that TS are good in channel addition too. So no need to change my dish once again)

Cons :
*Tata Sky UI sucks. Sometimes my STB hangs for a while when I change the channel. Compared to this Sun Direct's UI is extremely User Friendly and I never felt any lag also.
*It is little difficult to shift between channels, Have to remember the channel numbers to go to a specific channel. Atleast they could have provided a menu like option which is available in Sun Direct.
*SD Channel clarity is little below Sun Direct (Dealer told me TS will be better than SD in Clarity, But I find SD to be good.)
I find no difference in HD Channel clarity, almost the same. Compared them by connecting the STB in 2 different HDMI Slots.
Note : I adjusted my TV's Picture settings for HDMI 2 yesterday, and now I can see a better improvement but still I can feel a little difference between both.
*Their curated packs are little costlier than their competitors.
*Every time I have to change the language in multi audio feed channels. In Sun Direct if I change language in specific channel it gets sticked and never changes.

Here I've attached a few pictures.
Finally I joined the "JINGALALA FAMILY!!" And it's time to say GOOD BYE to "TAN TANA TAN!"
Congratulation @Positive Vibes on your new connection.

How to add pictures? I uploaded them. But can't able to see it here.
After selecting pictures press 'Upload All' and then click 'Insert All Images'
It's the panna box only they are giving now... what happened to that slim box which they were giving last year?
It's the panna box only they are giving now... what happened to that slim box which they were giving last year?
I don't know which one is the latest. But as of now their website showing this setup box only. Whether there is any difference in specs between them? Like HEVC compatibility and 3D Support.?
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