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Kasthuri TV set for a revamp (1 Viewer)

Dileep Kumar

8 Jul 2013
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MUMBAI: Karnataka based general entertainment channel (GEC) Kasthuri TV is all set for a revamp. It was in November 2014, when Kasthuri TV roped in Whitehorse Network (WHN), an organisation floated by media industry veteran P Kailasam to take over the channel’s operations for five years.

The core management team at Whitehorse comprises director and CEO P Kailasam, business head GV Krishnamurthy and chief content strategist Shivakumar.
Together, the team has been spearheading the way forward for the channel with new shows, a revamped look and new positioning on their agenda. The channel has entrusted its ad sales duties to Aidem Ventures.

As a part of its re-launch strategy, the channel will feature a refreshed line-up of programmes.

“Kasthuri is poised to get back its glory. We are completely revamping the channel and our USP is to offer differentiated yet mass-based content to the viewers,” said Kailasam.

“Kasthuri TV at present enjoys a good reach that is comparable to the bigger platforms within its genre. The new content will bring in fresh audiences and improve time spent and stickiness of the existing base,” added Aidem Ventures director Vikas Khanchandani while emphasising that it will be focusing on all brands but FMCG will be a priority.

Based on the research done in order to understand the regional television viewing habits in Karnataka, the new content strategy involves strengthening the prime-time viewing slot with a mix of fiction and non-fiction programmes.

Of the non-fiction programmes that are slated for launch,Mathandre Maathu, starring Murali is a talk show that brings two polarised sections of the society onto one platform to share their views on social and political issues.
Another non-fiction programme that is to launch next week isPadhakondhu Saval. This is an interactive game show in which callers can participate in the on-going game or contest to win prizes. Yet another interactive game show that first went on air last Monday isSakath Atte Super Sosehosted by Sushma K Rao. In this first-of-its-kind TV show, a mother-in-law - daughter-in-law duo participates together as a team and is pitted against other mother-in-law - daughter-in-law duos.

The weekend programming line-up includesAradirali Belaku,which is a talk show discussing social issues faced by the common man today. Malavika Avinash, a Kannada television celebrity, will host the show.

Along with a panel of experts and the audience, she will debate over issues raised, help resolve them and suggest corrective measures to the victim and to the audience.

Nan Life Nal One Dhina, is a celebrity talk show where the audience can take a sneak peek into the real life of popular big screen actors, politicians, sportsmen etc. as the host interviews them every Sunday from 7.30 to 8.30 pm.

Another weekend programme calledCrime Alertbrings to light the criminal minds behind innocent faces. This is an informative show for viewers in which each episode ends with an optimal solution for preventing crime.Guggunanmakluis a comedy fiction show in which the lead character has short-term memory loss which leads him into awkward and embarrassing situations.

Apart from the new list of appealing programmes, WHN has strengthened the channel’s movie library by acquiring 50 ‘A’ category titles this financial year. It will soon be donning a new look. Its refreshed packaging and new promotional strategy are also underway.


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