MTV is 30 years old


7 Apr 2011
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MTV has turned 30, growing from a strong music channel brand to a youth positioning with content that includes reality shows

MTV launched its first broadcast with the words 'Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll' on 1 August 1981. John Lack unveiled Music Television alongside the footage of Apollo 11's launch, introducing a new way of consuming music and music videos.

The first video broadcasted was The Buggles' 'Video Killed the Radio Star' followed by Pat Benatar's 'You Better Run'.

The channel has slowly morphed into an International brand, offering not just music videos but also TV programmes hovering around music industry and the lives of musicians.From the beginning, the channel had a basic brand identity and frequently used 'idents' - short video bites identifying which channel was being watched. Also, in 1984 the channel started its set of music awards.

MTV was one of the first to start reality shows with the broadcast of The Real World in 1992. Since then, the channel has endured its deep relationship with this kind of programming.

well its really true news from my childhood days i am watching this channel still now only the style and all logos are changed but really a good entertainment and music channels for kids to young buddies.
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