"My Account" Is Anymore?


2 May 2011
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I am talking about my account function of adtv which was giving onscreen balance info.

This menu is deactivated in adtv till more then 2 years !!!!!!

I dont think it will get activated again.

Previously they have closed quick view, and not added any new service inplace of it..
You are right jenit bro. It is deactivated for a long period .i think it is not needed so they have to remove this and have to free some space and they have to add something new service instead of this poor service my account.it is available in rdtv but i don't think so that any user may have click on my a/c service
yup it has being discontinued bu ADTV about 2 years back,they should remove it from the menu and features list.
Free space issue not applicable here because this kind of functions are inbuilt with firmware, not taking space on sats but module installed in the firmware.
2nd point not useful isnt true at all, its very useful for us if no need to send SMSs to know just balance.
I am also facing problem in my Web Account of Airtel.
I wish current ACCOUNT VALIDITY will work for me.:lol;)
Account Validity showing wrong in account and also i have activated Advance Rental Pack for 1 Year.The Burn Rate should be ZERO because of Advance Rental Pack but it is showing in decimal figures:rofl:rofl.
So lets see what happens next............
Hehe dont worry mazhar bro benificial for you if validity comes true.

But I am sure it will due on correct date
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