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One thing I noticed the sd channels are sharper ,quality almost close to hd channels if output resolution is set to 576i, but this change affects hd channel quality.

Wish airtel implement an option to auto switch resolution based on channel! This way user will get hd quality in all channels
Arun bro,your Zabadast hindi annual HD pack can we activate in Karnataka also
I Don't think bro.

But You can ask customer care if it's available for your location.
Below is details of pack 👇

Why are bringing tataplay pack discussion in airtel thread😅
Please check separately
I believe you must not be knowing that most of the transponders being used by Airtel Digital TV r of 54 Mhz capacity while Tata Play uses transponders which have capacity load of 36 Mhz. So Airtel Digital TV has 50% additional bandwidth on hand in each transponder compared to Tata Play hence Airtel can a accommodate more channels per transponder.

Secondly one cannot randomly state that this transponder holds n number of channels so there is more compression applied. Each channel run by a broadcaster on C Band is either available in MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 compression technology, so say A channel is running on MPEG 2 on C band and at bi rate of 3.6 Mbps then an DTH operator which is running channels in MPEG 4 compression can uplink this channel on their satellite with bit rate of just 1.8 Mbps maintaining same audio/video quality. Hence when u say an Airtel Digital TV transponder is holding 55 channels it may very well be running all channels in excellent quality.

Another thing is none of the operators provide u any channel in quality as originally available from broadcaster end on C band, they do compress channels by some bit to optimise the use of available bandwidth on their transponders. These days all operators even use encoders to minimise bandwidth needed for running various channels without adversely effecting quality of transmission.

Lastly as i have noticed and even interacted with tech team earlier on about this, Tata Play uses Deblocking technology for video transmission of channels on their platform which smoothens out edges caused by pixels which form a moving picture hence u may at first glance feel that picture quality is good but from sharpness point of view it would be rather on the lower side. On Airtel Digital TV both SD, HD channels r lot more clear, sharper, vibrant.....audio quality on Airtel Digital TV too is extremely good
For your Info: airtel using the following 11560 Vertical Tp with 32Mhz and telecasting 50 channels.
For your Info: airtel using the following 11560 Vertical Tp with 32Mhz and telecasting 50 channels.

For your kind information, 1stly it is a 36 Mhz transponder not 32 Mhz

Each 36 Mhz transponder can easily accommodate 18 SD channels in MPEG 2 and 36 SD channels in MPEG 4. Also this number can be slightly less or more depending on the bitrate on which channel is running on C band be it in MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 and accordingly operator needs to uplink the channel on their satellite maintaining optimum compression levels / picture quality. I have explained this point yesterday in my earlier post hence won't repeat the same.

Now all operators use advanced encoders which further enhances load capacity of each transponder, this may alter anything between 20% to even 50% depending on how advanced the encoder is. Also by increasing the symbol rate or decreasing FEC additional bandwidth can b created, in case of 11562 V transponder airtel digital tv has increased symbol rate from original 30000 to 32700 and decreased FEC from 1/2 to 3/4.

All in all this transponder can easily carry 50 SD channels with good transmission quality. @Azhar888 I regularly watch Sony Max 2 and its audio / video quality is extremely good. Remember certain channels r available in average or poor transmission quality from broadcaster end and operators cannot do anything about the same.

@mss bro please understand all the technicalities / information about a topic before coming to a conclusion as just seeing something at a glance and coming to final assessment usually ends up with forming a wrong opinion on things
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