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Ofcourse buddy audio/video quality or even other things also vary across different models of set top box.
It's really strange why they abandoned this model and switched to the old hevc model
The new min 100 has below advantage -
Better sd channel quality
One key fav access
Modern epg and settings ui
Boot time is faster
Supports hdmi cec ( I no longer need to select input in my android tv, even before seeing the Android tv home screen it is immediately switching to the stb)

There are 2 disadvantages also
Each fav profile has 20 channels only
Fav are showing in order of LCN rather than selection. So @dino29 any fix for this?

Also how to update the software manually? Traditional method of 2465 not working
Today I called customer care and booked a complaint for updating software process...just now received a call from local technician team and the lady yelled like anything

If you have complaints , contact us directly why raised complaint..this month you have raised 5 complaints and this will affect our performance! What kind of behaviour is this? 😡
Same thing I faced with tataplay for hdmi cec function ...for these people only thing they know if picture and sound coming then everything is fine! What kind of logic is this?

Enough of this...ott days are coming soon
Do you need HD box ?
I came across one of your response on a forum. (Apologies to hijack the thread... unable to send you a pm).

I stay in Dubai and do not know my account number for Airtel DTH. Might be u can help with relevant details. The unit probably is registered under someone else's details in India.

I want to recharge it, but only have STB.

Sending you the pic and my WhatsApp number...

Appreciate if you could provide any solution to this.

Bro don't shae personal details on a public forum. Could you share it via pm here?
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