Nishant doesn't want to do TV


22 Mar 2011
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Nishant Malkani (Anukalp) has decided to quit the show. He will shoot for another month or so after which there will be a new actor in his place.

There's buzz that the actor has bagged a film, as a result of which he has decided to take a break from television. The production house, meanwhile, is looking for a replacement and would like to bring in a new actor as soon as possible. "Nishant has resigned and it's natural that he's not going to be as serious about his work now," says a source. A few months ago, the lead actress Priyal Gor was replaced by Sara Khan and now there'll be a new Anukalp coming in. Too many changes are never good for any serial. So let's see if Ram Milaye Jodi will manage to survive this one?
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