O&M looks to educate users in launch campaign for Star HD


7 Apr 2011
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Recently Star India revealed a new corporate logo along with the announcement of five of its channels going the HD route (Star Plus, Star Movies, Star World, Star Gold and Nat Geo). Now the television network has unveiled its advertising campaign for the newly launched HD channels.

The campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather, consists of three TVCs. Through the campaign, Star TV hopes to explain and educate customers about high definition television. It explains the three steps requirements for high definition television viewing; a HD TV, HD set top box and HD content from channels. In all three TVCs two friends are shown talking to each other about high definition television while they’re driving on a highway.

In the TVC titled, 'Ganna', they're shown comparing a HD television without Star's bouquet on it to a Sugarcane extracting machine. The friend says, a Sugarcane extracting machine will only deliver Sugarcane juice and not mango milkshake because the input is a Sugarcane. Just like that, a HD TV without the Star's network will never deliver the best output.

In the second TVC titled, Petrol’, the duo are shown filling fuel in their car. Here the friends compares HD television to a 500 Rupee note. Like currency notes could be fake, one friend argues that all the other HD channels are fake and the only 'Asli HD' channels are the bouquet launched by Star TV.

In the third TVC titled, 'Night’, both of them are driving around in the night. In this TVC roles are reversed, as the friend who's been ignorant all this while about Star HD, is shown educating the other friend about Star HD. He's shown narrating a story, in which he makes subdued noises of the wind, a lion and a dog. When he's asked about the reason for the subdued sound effects, he says, only Star HD gives the best sound quality.
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