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Seeking Help Online stores Vs Local stores ....Which one do you prefer & why ?


27 Jan 2019
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The reason I avoid purchasing from local stores & prefer Amazon is because some months back I purchased a bluetooth headphone from a local store. After I brought it home I found that despite having two drivers (left & right) it was not a stereo. It was actually mono. When I went to the store & explained the situation the guy told me that its a "first copy". When I asked what is the meaning of first copy he told me that its not a original Samsung product but a replica. I was so dissapointed that I stopped buying from local stores & started buying from online stores like Amazon & Flipkart.

The only thing that worries me is that in case Amazon or Flipkart send me a defective product what do I do in such a situation.
I have purchased many products from Amazon but I never asked for a refund or replacement.
I am not interested in refund. I want to know in case I receive a defective product how do I ask for replacement.

Please share your views.
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