Breaking Recording facility now available in Tata Sky Binge+ box

wow this is very good new.

i was having HD PVR and relantant to loose recording facility when moving to binge or binge+ Andoid box.

so i got Airtel Xstrem box when with rs50 and inserting 128gb Microsd give me recording, android box as well as dual channel recording with super LNB.

so it is time to come back to tats sky again.
Catch up is for last 7 days only, with recording you can store it for longer period, also catch up requires Binge subscription I think
catch was not available for all channel and all programs.

with recording it is user selection based.

but whats point in keeping recording for 48hrs.

i do understand 14 days concept.

also we should allowed to watch recorded show from tatasky mobile app, will bring TV experience on move anywhere in world.

i still OTT cant replace liner TV. landline phone got replace very quickly with mobile, but OTT wont make it possible.

no doubt OTT player are creating SOME very unique and cresting content which most TV and studios fail ,may be because of finance cost.
can u explain and give links to this
Scroll to any any upcoming program of any supported channel like BBC on JioTV and Airtel Xstream. Press record option. It will save the progam in cloud for you to watch in future.

I was able to subscribe and use the Record facility now but I find it not good now since you cannot record all channels.














Recording packs now available to subscribe from manage packs ----> tatasky portal.
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