Rfresh Your Airtel Digital Tv Account By Dreamdth

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3 Nov 2010
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Many Times We Can't On Stb when Recharging Time Or Our Account/Services Activate But we Can't View channel and display Error.....
Please Send your Id With Pm to me,
Refresh Done in next 10 Minuts and Channel Start In your Stb,
No Need To Call customer Care for Refreshing Process.

sunveer said:
What do you mean by Refreshing STB?

Account/Services Activate But Customer Can't View channel and display Error Like Error Code 6 Or Error Code 4 ,
Refreshing Process Start channel With in 1 Minuts, many time sm2 error Solved by Refreshing,

Your Account refresh request accepted.
when channel start comment on below
Vikram said:
sunveer said:

How ?

Send Pm me ........and test this process

hello Vikram
I am From Maldives and i deal with Airtel and its servises.
Refreshing Airtel Is a mojor problem for us.
If you could do that for us it would be a great help from your part. To my knowledge Refresh is done when it is in Error code 4 and for that we send the Customer Id ( CID ) to the customer care in india and to get the service it takes quit a lot of time. I am really confussed and i dont know what ( Pm ) is . Could please explain what this PM is and help me out in this refreshing problem.
I'm not getting e24 on economy sports pack. Will i get it if my stb is refreshed.
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