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Sahara news channels to be revamped along with launch of new digital news platform


24 Mar 2016
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We have been working on creating a digital footprint for the last five months. The salient features are: there are two expert teams working on a digital platform each for television and print.The process would complete in the next three months. Samay News Network will have a strong digital presence -- which we will monetise and create good branding. We want to take the modern route -- the newspapers, for example, will have a strong e-presence -- e-papers would be launched on these platforms. The television arm will also have a robust and rare digital presence.

The second part of the story is that the content of Samay will be visible and interactive on most of the popular social media platforms -- which was a little behind schedule. That process is now in top gear and moving very fast.

For Sahara's six television channels, we are in the process of hiring some middle-level people -- anchors and others. Content rejig is currently under way. Between now and December 2017, a total technical revamp is on the cards as approved by the chairman (Subrata Roy).

His vision is that the media wing must be strong and robust -- nothing negative or anti-India, for example, should go into the content. A lot of positive national developments that have happened should be showcased in the right spirit -- we are working on that plan.

Positive national developments will be showcased on revamped Sahara news channels, says CEO & editor-in-chief Arup Ghosh


31 Mar 2011
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Sahara went down & down since the owner got arrested

Hassan Syed

5 Mar 2012
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It was a great channel when it was started. Even better than Sony and Star plus at that time. Just kids was a top viewed Cartoon Show at that time
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