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5 Aug 2011
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Exclusive information on DDF : My friend working for STAR India limited in Kolkata has given me the information, that talks going on between Zee India limited and Star India for introduction of STAR HD channels on Dish Tru HD and vice versa... No dates available as of now... but talks going on from last two weeks.. So i hope all dish tru HD subscribers can expect STAR HD channels soon on the platform... :tup :tup
RE: Star HD channels soon

Hope the good news arriving soon.
RE: Star HD channels soon

Hope so... i m hopeful because dish tv is freeing up transponder space very quickly by removing upscaled channels... Zee HD channels are for sure coming soon. Now im hopeful atleast for ESPN HD and Starcricket HD, keeping in view the Australia series..
RE: Star HD channels soon

But period is very short. One month to go for aussie series. 3 zee hd channels, 2 sports channels, 4 asli hd channels. Is it possible ?
RE: Star HD channels soon

3 zee hd channels and atleast 2 sports channels possible... atleast...
RE: Star HD channels soon

zee's all hd channel will come definitely but when doesnot know?????
RE: Star HD channels soon

zee hd channel is coming from last 4-6 months but still they are on way not arrived yet :rofl anyways its really good to know star hd channels are coming and much more thing is biswajit has breaked it first in our forum and google jee also updated our forum in the top ...yuhuu :luv
RE: Star HD channels soon

For everyone's info, Zee hd channels speculation from last 3 - 4 months was started by people not by zee, for example : Go HD was an offer for HD stb's people started speculating for zee hd channels... So neither zee india or dish tv india is responsible for that.. Regarding the zee hd ads now, i do agree the marketing strategy is not correct, because of which there are speculation threads in almost all dth forums in India..
Regarding arrival of Star hd channels, i have shared the info as recieved from my friend... The last minute decisions always depends on the DTH operators.. But still discussions going on, and we are hopeful, atleast for espn hd and star cricket hd to arrive..
RE: Star HD channels soon

yes star hd channels should come.once these channels will come noone will beat dishtv in hd section.
RE: Star HD channels soon

We are also hoping for the best... Lets wait and watch.. rest depends on the dish tv india how they make it best in HD section. :tup
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