Sudesh Berry comes drunk on Swayamvar sets


22 Mar 2011
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TV Star, Sudesh Berry was scheduled to pay a visit to Ratan on Ratan Ka Rishta – Swayamvar Season 3 sets in Jaipur. The host of the show Hiten Tejwani, prospective grooms and the entire crew was looking forward to a day of fun shooting with Berry. Ratan was particularly excited since Sudesh was one of her co-stars in her previous daily soap.

But looks like Sudesh Berry had some other plans! The man came after downing few drinks much to the dismay of everyone. A little birdie from Jaipur tells that such was his state that he had to make a lot of efforts to avoid slurring while he spoke. We are also informed that thanks to Mr, Berry and his drunken behavior the shoot took way longer than the crew had estimated.

We are hoping Sudesh Berry went straight from the sets in Jaipur for a course in professionalism!
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