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10 Feb 2018
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My experience:-
Earlier we had our Local Cable which had 105 channels.Our TV model was ECTV which was bought in 1980's and till date it is working very fine.(My parents sold It last year to one of our relative.He says that this TV is till working smooth.Though circuit of TV is changed much times still the PT(Picture tube) is working Great)

In late 2012,Our cable provider shifted from Sristi Cable to siti cable
As a result there was a Great Chaos in TV channel LCN.Even it was featured on Newspaper also that customers complained about Unsystematic Arrangement of TV channels.Our Cable Network wires were so good that After 77 the channels got blur and blur and finally on 86 only a blue screen
(Which was later fixed on 2014 end)
That LCN reshuffling caused great problems as well as Good things too.We got a bunch of new channels.Like Zee classic,zee Action etc.
It was later fixed on 2014 end.

In the begining of 2015,Suddenly channels were facing blackout and Removing slots one after one due to digitalisation.we were told that we must buy a STB which will cost Rs.1500 to us.Though,it was illegal as GOVT announced that no STB can cost more than RS 900.But we had no choice.
Our Local Cable Operator installed a STB on 5th June 2015.They mentioned that it was their own company's STB
But I found a Clear Logo of ICAS on the downward side.
Even,STB also caused problem as they gave only 80 channels and no way to subscribe.All channels for Rs.250.

Finally We decided to shift from Local Cable to Tata Sky on 2016.we had two TV sets and on one we kept Local cable and on other Tata sky.

Finally on 2019 we got rid of our Cable network...........
I am using Tata Sky since launch in late 2006 till today period Happy & Satisfied Of Their Services. Not Face Any Issue still Upgrade Beginning 2018 In HD.
I am Happy With DTH & every Of My Relative I Recommend TS.
We had Cable connection till my fifth standard...later we moved to another house Cable tv charges are increased there so We didn't taken cable.in 2006 we bought DDFreeDish merely used for 1yr r 2 used some antenna tricks to get paid channels(very few).Then Changed to Reliance BigTv in 2008 used till 2012.Then RDTV STB failed,new one costs 1000rs so bought zing(dishtv)...upgraded to HD in 2016.i wasn't happy with dishtv at that time as they don't add channels instead removed 4 telugu channels then...later alligned ST2 felt very happy to have all major telugu channels (which we mostly watch). inbetween got a TataSky Connection for free in exchange of RDTV STB used for 2months(until recharge gets over) n switched to DishtvST2 as i had 3years long term pack.
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