DTH updates Tata Sky Binge Plus Android TV Version 3.1.0 update


31 Aug 2017
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Tata sky binge plus box updated to official Android tv ,new software version 3.1.0


STB Software Version: 3.1.0

Change log

1. New Android TV boot animation
2. Booting time super fast now as compared to before
3. Security patch version July 2021
Now box takes 1 minute and 25 seconds to boot...I think 5 seconds faster..
I found a Video resolution selection in user settings..Favourite resolution-Heigh-Medium-Auto...
Is this new?
Bro when you found this new software update, today morning r recently...please post some ui pics...
i found out after @Debasish bro put up a post regarding this. I was not aware, upon checking the STB i found that the update happened over night during standby mode.

I am yet to find out what more new changes have taken place.

The new android TV logo at boot looks refreshing. AT first i thought that they might have pushed android 10 OS, but its still on Android 9 OS.
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