Breaking TDSAT orders BECIL to hold commerical and technical audit of Tata Sky's system qua Sony's channel

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If you don't like our rules, so be it. Don't try to be sarcastic here. If we see this sarcasm again from you, we WILL take action.
When I follow forum rules then also you have problem. Just go ahead and ban me. Bye bye this is my last post on this forum. Be happy . Enjoy goodnight.
When I follow forum rules then also you have problem. Just go ahead and ban me. Bye bye this is my last post on this forum. Be happy . Enjoy goodnight.
I see, he has no problem with you at all but we have problem with how you are taking our advises. You made sarcasm of forum rules hence he said that.

Anyways, if you no longer want to continue we won't be stopping you, its totally upto you. If you continue in a healthy way we won't be saying a single word then. Instead of 100 such posting members, we prefer to have 10 quality posting members who understand things - that makes discussions useful and keeps forum quality upto mark.
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Well surely Tata Sky products and service is of excellent standard but still they can't command such high premium for this. Also Bhai please don't remind me of +1 SD/HD or Repeats, this is the most useless thing they have ever introduced after Karaoke. All the movies, shows ars repeated day n night on a regular basis, content is available on OTT too. Instead of wasting bandwidth like this, they should activate USB recording on HD STB & launch SD STB supporting the same, additionally they can use Push VOD option to send content to subscriber based on request. Most people have started ditching IPhone bcoz it costs a lot and there is nothing so great about it, its charger wire breaks even faster than chinese brands. Tata Sky shouldn't be inspired by them else Samsung (Airtel), Oppo/Vivo (Dish d2h) etc. will move ahead of them

Disagree with you on +1 services. I have internet issues in my area, hence can't watch in streaming apps regularly. I reach home after work by 9.30pm and my parents watch serials that time, they go to sleep by 10pm and I get to watch my fav 9pm-10pm shows from 10-11pm.. I hope Tatasky keeps the +1 services always. The primary reason I moved to TS from Airtel is +1 services.
I agree +1 has been useful for me watching missed shows. Also, I prefer TV over streaming in case someone wants to suggest that.
I am not thinking about this anymore.. I will throw tatasky box from my desk and will never think for taking it again.. Lots others r available.. My subscription ending soon.. Yes I have money and I will invest on those who give me proper service...
Yes their tone has changed now. Even I had chat with CC and they had similar reply. Looks like deal is in final stage.

Moreover they have removed Sony Channels availability banner from Tata Sky website home page.

Hope channels will be back in a day or two.
AFter paying 300+ tomorow i will miss southafrica vs aus odi because sony espn is still not added back
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