The Town : review


7 Apr 2011
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Film: Writing, directing and starring in his own film, Ben Affleck pulls off three difficult jobs with style. Leading a stellar cast, Affleck tells the story of four thieving friends and the woman who might just destroy that friendship.
He plays the planner Doug, who

is offered the chance of getting away from a life of crime, but feels compelled to help his friends, especially his best friend, James (Jeremy Renner).
When Doug starts a relationship with the woman he is supposed to be spying on, it creates an awkward situation and messes with his other relationships, but for the first time he considers the possibility that there could be a way out of his life of crime.

The romantic crime-thriller is well-paced, with nasty gun-slinging set pieces interspersed with people-driven dramatic moments, which support excellent characterisation. As gritty as it is, the film is less about robbing banks than it is a social commentary on growing up in a place where you are taught to think crime is your lot in life.

This character study about the choices we make shows a surpri-singly poignant streak, considering that you keep thinking it is about to end in a blaze of glory gun-fighting.

Special Features: features on the real people of Charlestown and one on Affleck himself.
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