Good News Two years in the DDF family! Thanks for your support!


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5 Oct 2014
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Dear members,

After reading @Girish’s post here, it struck me that my own anniversary in DDF has arrived.

I am still a kid compared to all of you, but I thank you for all your support and promoting me to the status of Expert, which I don't think I am, really. :blush2: I am not rehashing my backstory here, so have a look at this post.

Thank you very much for the kind words. :smile2: I never expected this level of respect in such a short time. May you be blessed, Dada.

I am going to complete 2 years in this forum on this Tuesday. Technically I joined in 2014 but I was banned permanently as the team members mistakenly thought I was a duplicate account. I left the idea of joining DDF until 2017 when I entered Standard XII. On 2 April I wrote an email to the team and they graciously let me in. I am grateful for all of your support and I thank all of you for your wishes both for my 19th birthday and for my second anniversary in DDF.

@asgworldindia: I hope you will be able to contribute regularly and be promoted in the next round. You deserve one. :tup:Note to team: I am not recommending his name for promotion but only encouraging him to contribute to our forum as a valued member. :smile2:
The answer is in my profile picture. It is a play of words between the film Jolly LL.B and the LNB device used by satellite dishes. :tup:

Thank you for accepting me in the only trustworthy DTH forum in India! :smile2:

Kind regards.
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Congrats My best Wishes @JollyLNB bro more gud days are with us for sure 😘😘👍👍🙂🙂

Age is not a factor in terms of knowledge & helping tendency due of team awarded a tag deserved it 🙂🙂👍👍

All the best for future days with us hope soon ur name in Orange or Pink Color 🙂🙂👍👍👏👏

God bless you forever
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