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7 Apr 2012
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Update on sales and service sun direct
Yesterday I called Mr Sadhu sun dth north east sales head to enquire about sun dth connection in Assam as one of my ex colleague shifted to Assam recently and wanted to buy sun dth.
Here what he said.
Sun Direct service is not available in the below mentioned states.
1. Assam
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Manipur
4. Meghalaya
5. Mizoram
6. Nagaland
7. Sikkim
8. Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

However it is available in Tripura, Odisha & West Bengal.
In Assam they are only having a wearhouse for sending set top boxes to Tripura.
No service available in Assam that's why they don't add Assamese Pay/FTA channels. The sun dth office in Assam shut down. No one interested to buy sun dth in Assam he said.
He also said, they are trying to enter Arunachal Pradesh market that's why they added DD Arunprabha.
At the moment he said their focus is Bengal, Odisha & Tripura.
He said they may add one more channel from Tripura in future.
No one's interested in buying is a big joke here. Why would Assamese users buy if there is almost no Assamese channel exception of one Pratidin
Time? Only person I ever saw have a Sun Direct was my Telegu neighbour which was in ths late 2000s. I have never seen one ad or promotion of them. They took ages to add Sun Bangla itself on local cables which should be done since the launch. Now see the BARC's ratings coming every week. Bengali channels dominant that reason. Yet, new broadcaster took forever to come on cable.

Meanwhile all these Bengali channels needs to capitalise Northeastern market by having shows from Assam and Tripura based plots.
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