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5 Aug 2011
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As of now we have seen Dish tru HD introducing 40 HD channels as per their website Most of the channels are the Upscaled HD version of their standard definition channels, but not 1080i standard which is the true standard of a HD channel.
Making customers pay for the upscaled channels is not correct, according to me. Further i had reported this issue to the Dish tv customer care, but its a sorry fact that even the customer care executives dont have any answer to the same.
I want to know the opinion of all the members of the forum regarding the same. Please feel free to discuss your views as dream dth is a forum to solve the problems and share your views regarding the DTH industry.
Thank you... :)
Please post your sincere views here. Customers are ready to pay, but they want international standards as per the HD standards are considered. Upscaling a channel doesnt meet international standards.
am i make it sticky thread if its a big issue please tell biswa bhai?
Its a big issue and of serious concern... Upscaling a channel is of serious concern, and its happening openly. Subscribers have knowledge about HD, they cant be made fool like this through TV advertisements.
yes Biswajit Brother ! it is Good time For Discussion on this Topic. Mostly Hd Subscriber Don't know About Hd/Upscaled HD But From Today They Feel Something New..........
What does upscaling mean?
"Upscaling" means that the number of lines in the standard definition picture is effectively doubled - from 576 to 1080 - to fill the HD screen. However, as the original material is still standard definition, the quality of the picture will not be equivalent to HD.

Dish truHD Sell Hd channels But i think Transmission, Bandwidth and Many Charges Extra On Hd channels So They Made Fool To customers and Given Hd upscaled Channel In Packages. it is not Good. Star Asli Hd Channels Are Really Asli Hd Coz They Run different slot Then Sd ,Also Same For Discovery , ngc,And Events based Channel Show different Logo (Hd Live) With Same Feed.
thread is sticky till the problem not get solved.:)
yes Vikram sir... thats what i wanted to convey. I think in order to enjoy HD service in India, we have to go for Multiple DTH services on our HDTV. As for example Star owns the true HD : asli HD package, which have the full HD channels, but it will take time for these channels to come to Zee Dish tru HD, as both are rivals. Dish Tru HD may increase its HD channel list through introduction of upscaled channels, but people are not fool to accept it as HD.
I will appreciate dish tru HD if they introduce new full hd channels like M tunes HD. India is a booming market in HD. And i am sure more full HD channels are waiting online to enter the market. But the policy of upscaled channels is wrong. Hope they understand it.
Dish TV terms itself as Asia's one number DTH provider. But do we expect upscaled HD policy from Dish TV? is the big question to be answered...
It's fake HD channels - and customers are asked to pay up hard cash to become jackasses. I assume majority of people will have a widescreen television at the home.

First and foremost, if you want to watch widescreen, the news/cinema has to be shot in widescreen first. If you wanna watch HD, the news/cinema has to be shot with a HD camera first. From another point of view, call it garbage-in-garbage-out

Before HD fever spread over to satellite tv, satellite and cable operators had moved from 4:3 SD (standard definition) picture to widescreen/16:9 SD, except India I guess. Even as HD is coming, not many consumers even wonder why they have to watch stretched out 4:3->16:9 tv programming. I guess Dish tv can't be held responsible for their fake HD channels then?

Dish tv is simply taking the channels existing since the last 10 yrs or more, dividing the 480 lines of resolution into further 1080 lines (ie, same quality-zero improvement), and stretch the picture from 4:3 to 16:9, giveit fancy name and charge premium Rupees for it. Garbage-in garbage-out.

Examples of real HD channels with HD content (ie shot in HD) can be found in the forum's list of HD channels.
Please dont use words like "wt*" here... please maintain the decorum of the forum, otherwise it will be reported to admin.. share ur views, but without using vulgar words in the forum..
Nowadays slowly ,dish tv removing their fake hd channels.
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