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What do you think about your dth service provider?

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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guys this first thread in this section.

post your what do u think abut ur dth provider?

also u can compare ur dth provider with others.......... :up:

meance its bad or gud?

also add the reason.



8 Apr 2011
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My TataSky is very good in terms of video/audio quality.
HD+Recording function is very cool.
CC + nodal team is very co-operative. (*)
For me touch-wood, they have always fulfill their promises.

There are few more thing I wants from TataSky...
1) More (HD + SD) channels.
2) Removal of showcase promo channel & English promo channel.
3) Annual Mega Lite pack should not be charged more that 3600/- (remove 12 showcase movies if require)
4) They are giving freebies to customer who are inactive, whats about those customer who are regularly paying. Be impartial.
5) Showcase HD should be back with latest releases.

(*)When new pack lunched, I mailed them about inclusion of some sport channels to base pack. I think many others might have done this too. Nodal officer called me back and have noted down my points, but at the same-time he shows his inability to do so and promise to send my suggestion to concerned department. In just few months they have made supreme sport & grand sport pack.. :clap:
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