Zee Bangla HD removed


31 Jul 2011
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After the addition of cnbc prime hd, i scanned stb for channel search.
But it still shows 324. and i found that zee bangla upscaled hd removed.
All the upscaled channels will be phased out to clear transponder space for full HD channels... As you know Ten Sports HD and Ten Cricket HD will also be removed in this phase by 10th november 2011.
So Dishtv is removing Upscaled Channel in and adding Full HD.Dishtv is now removing its Black Spot by adding Full HD channels.
This Black Spot was there because they were cheating Customer with giving them Upscaled channels and asking them HD.
They are removing Upscaled channels... Removing Zee bangla, Ten sports and Ten Cricket is termed as "removing" not replacing... Spirits are high among dish tv customers regarding addition of full HD channels... SO THERE IS NOTHING CALLED BLACKSPOT DEFINED ON DISH TRU HD TERMINOLOGY... :)
It can be termed as a good move by Dish TRU hD to remove the upscaled HD channels.... There lies no purpose of running an upscaled HD channel when its complimentary SD channel is on the platform.... Expecting more full HD channels on the platform...
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