Zee set to launch golf channel in August

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12 May 2011
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but i think this channel is useless. no one DTH will add this channel execpt DISHTV (becoz this channel is there own channel)
becoz in india golf lover is very low
ZEE is super fool. if they want launch HD sports channel then why they not launch channel like TEN SPORTS HD and TEN ACTION HD:aggressive:

mr vikram and ssparikshya shame on both of you guys.

This is first time so we are giving you an warning now 2times more lifted then direct a ban.

Mr vikram i think you know proper moderation but sorry i was wrong coz you are also giving spamming one liner post.

Ssparikshya wrote- Brking info bro

vikram wrote- keep posting.good info

both of you are doing spamming here.

Mr vikram am felling very sad to see my co-admin is also a fool.

If team will do not do their work properly then what other member learn from then just think !!!

Also its a offtopic.

Moreover Anarica also doing wrong work just like no search before posting.

she has posted a 10days back info when it was posted by me.

Shame on all of you guys.

Wake up if want to be good.

Just disgusting works.

Really vikram shame on you.

Ok now both of going to recive a warning of 30% for one month.

Admin :)
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