Dish TV to change few Zee channels LCN

Zee Cinema HD, Zee Action, Zee Bollywood and Zee Anmol Cinema are the four Zee channels undergoing LCN change next week.

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Dish TV is going to change the logical channel numbers of some Zee channels next week. The LCNs of four Zee channels will be changing from October 15. The DTH operator has started running scrolls on the channels that will be undergoing LCN change.

Zee Cinema HD, Zee Action, Zee Bollywood and Zee Anmol Cinema are the four Zee channels undergoing LCN change next week. Zee Cinema HD will move from LCN 346 to LCN 339 from next week. Zee Anmol Cinema will be moving from LCN 363 to LCN 355 form next week. Zee Action will move from LCN 340 to LCN 310 from next week. Zee Bollywood will move from LCN 310 to LCN 307 from next week.

Channel NameCurrent LCNNew LCNChanging On
Zee Cinema HD34633915 October
Zee Action340310 15 October
Zee Anmol Cinema363355 15 October
Zee Bollywood31030715 October

The new LCN of Zee Cinema HD will make it the 2nd placed channel after &pictures HD and take it above Sony Max HD. Zee Bollywood will move above few slots to accommodate Zee Action at LCN 310. Zee Action’s new LCN will take it above other channels and place it below Zee Bollywood. Zee Anmol Cinema’s new LCN will place it in Slab 2 as opposed to earlier when it was out of both the LCN Incentive slabs.

DreamDTH had earlier reported that d2h would be changing the LCN of few Zee channels as well on 15 October. The change of LCNs signal the signing of a new RIO between Zee Entertainment and Dish-d2h. Pending additions and updated of revised bouquet/channel rates might happen also post October 15.

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