Dish TV India launches #GiftAConnection & #Donate2Help initiative for Dish TV & D2H subscribers

Dish TV India launches #GiftAConnection & #Donate2Help initiative for Dish TV & D2H subscribers

Dish TV D2H Donate2Help Campaign

Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator Dish TV India Limited has launched an unique initiative #GiftAConnection & #Donate2Help for Dish TV and D2H customers wherein the company is trying to make a difference in the lives of thousands of students across India who want to study remotely but are not able to do that owing to the extended pandemic scenario.

The company is motivating subscribers to donate/gift their spare set-top box to less privileged people thereby helping them to fulfill their educational needs of their children by keeping themselves updated and informed by watching educational and infotainment channels on both Dish TV and D2H platforms.

Dish TV and D2H are urging their subscribers to lend a hand to less privileged students and weaker sections of society who have faced difficulty due to the ongoing pandemic. Dish TV and D2H have also taken the responsibility of bringing their set-top boxes into function by contributing free of cost installation and FTA and educational content for one month.

The company believes that such an effort with the combined effort of existing customers would lead to the fulfillment of the needs of the weaker sections of the society and create a happier community. The company is leveraging digital, social media, and on-TV platforms to spread the message far and wide.

“Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the entire world, especially the underprivileged sections of our society have been struggling with various issues. We believe, in each one of us, there is a spirit of generosity. It is not only the grand gestures that count but it’s also the small ones that make a big difference. Keeping this in mind, we came up with the idea of helping the community by encouraging them to give away the unused and extra set-top boxes lying around in people’s homes. With our #GiftAConnection and #Donate2Help campaigns, we have urged our customers to help the children from less privileged sections of our society who are in need of home education since the schools have been shut.”

Anil Dua, Executive Director and Group CEO, Dish TV India Ltd

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