Here is how Tata Sky users can bypass the minimum recharge restriction

Here is how Tata Sky users can bypass the minimum recharge restriction

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Gone are the days when Tata Sky claimed to empower subscribers to pay only for the days they watched TV by introducing the world’s first ‘Daily Recharge’ voucher starting at Rs 8. Currently, the company’s minimum recharge amount is Rs 50, with a recent 150% hike just last year when it used to be Rs 20.

Thanks to this restriction on recharge amount users who watch TV just for a few days like weekends and used to recharge with smaller amounts are forced to pay more. But this irritating restriction is not applied to recharging via UPI, and using that you can recharge your account with as low as Rs 1 amount and control your TV viewing expenses.

Apart from all other methods of recharging DTH connections, there is a lesser-known way too which isn’t much advertised. All Tata users have a dedicated VPA or UPI address just like your bank accounts, you can transfer money here and it will be added to your Tata Sky account.

  • TS Minimum Recharge 1
  • TS Minimum Recharge 3
  • TS Minimum Recharge 2

The format of this address is universal for all subscribers- “tsky<subscriberID>@sc” regardless of your set-top box or connection type. For example, if your subscriber ID is 1234567890 then Tata Sky handle/ VPA will be “[email protected]”. Just open any payments app, go to pay via the UPI ID method and put VPA address for your Tata Sky account.

If done correctly, the address will be verified and “Tata Sky Limited” will be displayed as the name of the payee. Now fill the amount and pay just like you do for other UPI transfers. When payment is done you will receive a confirmation message from Tata Sky on your registered mobile number. Apart from this, you can also scan the QR Code visible on pressing yellow button of Tata Sky remote to recharge with any amount. That’s it now you can pay only for the days you want to watch TV.

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