Independent TV relaunch reportedly delayed by heavy rains in Mumbai

Independent TV relaunch reportedly delayed by heavy rains in Mumbai. DTH operator likely to relaunch on August 21. Launch may not happen given the operators past record.

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Independent TV’s scheduled relaunch of operations from August 15 has fallen flat once again. In a statement issued by the DTH operator today, it said that it was ready to relaunch operations but due to heavy rains in Mumbai it was unable to do so.

The company said that its technical team was working to re-establish its satellite network for the resumption of its DTH services. Because of heavy rains in Mumbai the company’s network is said to have been damaged with the link between its Mumbai head-end and Bangalore uplink location inoperative currently. The DTH operator is said to be working on repairing the same over time.

The company expects it to go live any day after August 21 next week. As part of its resumption of services, customers will be required to do re-validation of their connection through the company’s mobile application, details of which will be made available on the landing page. Additionally, due credit will be given to customers for the period of disconnection in their wallets.

Given the repeated failure of Independent TV’s management to live up to their promises it is possible it may again delay its relaunch by putting forth another excuse. Its signals have been off the air for more than 2 months now. A week ago DreamDTH had reported that Independent TV was yet to make required payments or furnish a bank guarantee to Antrix for the supply of signals.

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