iTV Network Launching “NE News” Tomorrow

iTV Network Launching “NE News” Tomorrow

iTV network founded by Kartikeya Sharma is all set to launch its new news channel named ‘North East News’ or NE News on Tuesday, 24th September. Broadcast of this has already started from GSAT-17 @93.5 east (C Band) in place of ‘News X Kannada’.

The launch of NE News channel will take place at Hotel Vivants, Khanapara, Guwahati on September 24 at 10 am. As of now most of the news on this channel are in the Assamese language while there is almost 2 hours news daily in Hindi and English languages also.

NewsX Kannada was launched as a regional news channel for South India in 2018 but it was shut down earlier this year. iTV CEO Varun Kohli in July said that the network will continue its expansion spree and has plans to launch news channels for Odia and North East markets.

The network currently owns and operates two national news channels that include the Hindi frontrunner India News and the English news channel NewsX. iTV Network’s regional channels include India News Haryana, India News Uttar Pradesh-Uttarakhand, India News Rajasthan, India News Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh, India News Punjab, India News Gujarat, and NewsXO.

Apart from news the network also has a presence in Entertainment segment with PTunes: Punjabi Music Channel, P Plus: Punjabi Entertainment Channel, and Andy TV: Khari Boli Music and Entertainment Channel.

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Dipjyoti Roy
Dipjyoti Roy
1 year ago

It’s time already for North East to finally get a channel that actually features bulletin in actual North Eastern language. Other than original NE TV aka Focus NE. No channel till date feature any bulletin except in Assamese, Hindi and English. ITV network have collaborated with good veterans in this space for the channel. Prag the first Assamese news channel is a rare success story where a local channel got to become a satellite channel. I can assure you the editorial of Prag is completely unbiased.

1 year ago

Channel available only in Airtel I think.

Tata sky should add the channel, but Itv network’s 3 channel Ptunes, P plus, Andy Khadiboli are not available in Tata sky so there is low chance of the addition.

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