MIB advises private TV channels to desist from airing expunged portions of Parliament proceedings

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) on Thursday in an advisory to private satellite TV channels has advised them to be cautious and desist from covering expunged portions of the Parliament proceedings.

MIB advises private TV channels to desist from airing expunged portions of Parliament proceedings

The Ministry noted that according to Article 105(1) of the constitution there shall be freedom of speech in Parliament, subject to the provisions of the constitution and to the rules and orders regulating the procedure of the parliament.

Further, it noted that the House is the master to regulate its proceedings and it has empowered the Chairman/Presiding Officers to take suitable action in the event of non-compliance with the rules by the members.

The Ministry referred to the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s judgment in Pandit M.S.M. Sharma Vs. Shri Sri Krishna Sinha and Ors. AIR 1959 SC 395 wherein it held that. “The effect in law of the order of the Speaker to expunge a portion of the speech of a member may be as if that portion had not been spoken. A report of the whole speech in such circumstances though factually correct, may, in law, be regarded as peruefted and unfaithful report of a speech, i.e., including the expunged portion in derogation to the orders of the Speaker passed in the House may, prima facie, be regarded as constituting a breach of the privilege of the House arising out of the publication of the offending news-item.”

The Ministry has accordingly advised all TV channels to be cautious with regard to the telecasting and reporting the proceedings of the Parliament and to desist from re-telecast of expunged portions of the proceedings.

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