MIB cancels 4 Zee Media licenses among 17 licenses cancelled

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has cancelled more than a dozen TV licenses from various broadcasters. Zee Media licenses are among the notable cancelled licenses.

MIB cancels 4 Zee Media licenses among 17 licenses cancelled

The ministry has cancelled around 17 licenses with the reason for all cancellations provided as ‘not required’. Zee Media’s 4 four licenses 1 Chennai, 1 Delhi, 1 Mumbai and 1 Kolkata granted last year in September have been cancelled. The non-operation of the channel within 1 year of permission could be the reason behind it.

Saanvi Studio Limited’s Dheeran TV license has been cancelled. Zee Entertainment’s Living Zen license has been cancelled which went off air in August.

Mahuaa Media’s five license which were cancelled on denial of security cleareance by MHA but stayed by High Court have been dropped from the list. The channels are First India, Mahuaa, Mahuaa News, Mahuaa Music and Mahuaa Movies.

Sanctuary Television’s Sinema and S. News license also stand cancelled. Media One Life from Madhyam Broadcasting has also been cancelled. Shop CJ Networks Shoj CJ Tamil and Shoj CJ Telugu license have been cancelled. Sada Channel from HBN Entertainment is the last cancellation.

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