MIB switches ‘AXN HD’ license from AXN Network India to Sony Pictures Network India

MIB switches ‘AXN HD’ license from AXN Network India to Sony Pictures Network India

AXN India

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) today updated its database with the switch of the company which holds ‘AXN HD’ license transferring the license ownership from ‘AXN Network India’ to ‘Sony Pictures Network India’. Post the move, AXN Network India no longer holds any satellite TV channel license as of today in India.

For the unversed, the Ministry on 7th April 2014 granted AXN Network India two satellite TV channel’s named ‘AXN HD’ and ‘SET ONE’. MIB subsequently renamed ‘SET ONE’ as ‘SET KIX’ and then ‘SONY ESPN’. the latter license stands cancelled after Sony Pictures Network India shuttered down Sony ESPN and Sony ESPN HD on 31st March 2021 post which the licenses were surrendered.

SPN notably hasn’t yet surrendered ‘AXN’ and ‘AXN HD’ license going by the Ministry’s database, more than 8 months after the broadcaster pulled the plug on ‘AXN’ and ‘AXN HD’. According to business research firm Zauba Corp, AXN Network India as a company stands amalgated.

MIB meanwhile has also updated its database with the renaming of MGK Printing Works Private Limited as MGK Printing and Broadcasting Private Limited. The company holds multiple TV licenses including Aaho Music, Agamwani 24*7, Dhinchaak, and Siri Kannada.

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