NDTV Group registers best quarter in six years

15 crore profit for NDTV. Convergence performs well. Record best quarter in 6 year.

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New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) today declared its unaudited financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2019.

Revenue from operations stood at Rs 10,967 lakhs as compared to Rs 10,224 lakhs in the previous quarter. Total income reduced by Rs 141 lakhs. Total expenses were reduced by Rs 121 lakhs.

As per the press release released by the broadcaster for the first time in its history, the NDTVs television business is recording five consecutive profitable quarters. The NDTV Group has declared its best quarter in six years, recording a profit of Rs. 15.2 crores; the company’s television business has earned a profit of Rs. 9 crores.

NDTV Convergence, the digital branch of the company, has recorded its highest-ever revenue in this quarter; its EBITDA of 30 percent is an improvement over the last years. On the day that the results of the general election were announced, NDTV Convergence had 16.5 billion hits, unprecedented for any Indian news site excluding news aggregators.

At the time of going to press NDTV Ltd is currently trading at Rs 29.20, down by Rs 2.50 or 7.89 % from its previous closing of Rs 31.7 on the BSE.

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