News18 India and News18 Bihar-Jharkhand to have extensive programming for Bihar elections

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News18’s Hindi News channels News18 India and News18 Bihar-Jharkhand are gearing up for the upcoming Bihar assembly elections which will be the first amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with an extensive lineup programming. The extensive plan will keep the viewers hooked with the latest political developments in the state leading up to counting day.

News18 Network Logo

The election programming will be under the umbrella branding ‘Sabse Bada Dangal’ with renowned shows – Bhaiyaji Kahin and Lapete Mein Netaji highlighting the ground realities by traveling to the voters to give them a platform to voice their concerns and bringing together poets and politicians for their take on the elections.

News18 is also planning other special shows which will rope in top stars from Bihar to flavour the intense electioneering with some local entertainment. The programming will be blended to highlight the issues faced by the voters.

News18 Bihar-Jharkhand will roll out an extensive programming – Bihar Mein Kiski Bahar – with specials shows to look into many perspectives including the one on the mind of women voter’s. ‘Litti Par Charcha’ will travel across popular Litti Chokha joints to engage in discussions with people at the eateries.

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