Sun Direct retention offers start at Rs 133 per month

Sun Direct retention offers start at Rs 133 per month

Discounts for deactivated customers opting for Sun Direct curated packs.

Sun Direct Dish 2

Sun Direct is giving stiff competition in the south Indian market with its lowest network capacity fee (NCF) and attractive budget-friendly offers. Recently the company has also introduced some long term retention offers for deactivated customers with validity of up to 12 months. 

Pack NameDurationPrice
Tamil Economic Pack12 MonthsRs 1,598
Tamil Economic Pack7 MonthsRs 999
Telugu Economic Pack6 MonthsRs 993
Telugu Economic Pack3 MonthsRs 579
Kannada Economic Pack6 MonthsRs 992

Tamil Pack

Sun Direct Tamil Retention offer

Users who watch Tamil channels can get the Tamil Economy Pack at Rs 1,598 for 12 months (Rs 133 per month) or for 7 months at Rs 999 (Rs 143 per month) including NCF and taxes. The regular price for this pack is Rs 199 per month and it gives access to 59 SD channels that include 7 infotainment, 2 English, 4 Kannada, 10 Kids, 4 Malayalam, 5 News, 5 Sports, 17 Tamil and 5 Telugu channels.

Telugu Pack

Telugu Economic Pack consists of 69 pay channels and the regular price is Rs 240 per month, however, deactivated users can get this pack at Rs 993 for 6 months (Rs 166 per month) or Rs 579 for 3 months (Rs 193 per month). It allows you to watch 3 Hindi, 2 English, 9 Infotainment, 4 Kannada, 10 Kids, 4 Malayalam, 8 News, 6 Sports, 6 Tamil and 17 Telugu channels. 

Kannada Pack

Deactivated subscribers can get the Kannada Economic Pack at Rs 992 for a period of 6 months (Rs 166 per month). This pack costs regular users Rs 231 per month. The Kannada Economic Pack comprises 63 pay channels including 3 English, 3 Hindi, 7 Infotainment, 11 Kannada, 11 Kids, 4 Malayalam, 5 News, 6 Sports, 7 Tamil and 6 Telugu channels. 

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