Tata Sky releases first batch of Made in India set-top boxes into the market

Tata Sky’s first batch of Made in India set-top boxes released into market. STB production started in June 2021 in Chennai with Flextronics.

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Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator Tata Sky yesterday announced the release of its first batch of Made-in-India set-top boxes into the market. The company in line with its earlier promise has unveiled the first batch of Made in India set-top boxes. The set-top boxes have been manufactured in partnership with Technicolor Connected Home and Flextronics pursuant to the announcement made by Tata Sky in FY 21.

The partnership builds on the long-standing partnership between Tata Sky and Technicolor Connected Home, a leading provider of set-top boxes and broadband access solutions (NSPs) for network service providers across the world.

Harit Nagpal ,Tata Sky

Tata Sky’s MD & CEO, Harit Nagpal said, “The India-made set-top boxes will help generate employment while reducing lead time. The boxes have been tested and re-tested beyond the factory floor for quality assurance, and we hope this endeavor will help us to serve the Indian consumers even better.”

Today’s news marks the accomplishment of objectives outlined in August of 2020, in which Tata Sky and Technicolor Connected Home committed to shifting the production and distribution of STBs – including Android TV-based Binge+ set-top box – within India. This is another step in Technicolor Connected Home’s continuing investment in the growth of the important Indian market,” said Luis Martinez-Amago, President of Technicolor Connected Home.

Technicolor Connected Home kickstarted the mass production of the set-top boxes developed for Tata Sky in Chennai in partnership with Flextronics in June 2021. Technicolor is leveraging its best-in-supply chain to enable Tata Sky to deliver an enhanced level of service and customer premises equipment for subscribers in the Indian market.

Tata Sky releases first batch of Made in India set-top boxes into the market

The disruptions brought about by COVID-19 have illustrated the importance of having manufacturing and distribution operations that are as close to the subscriber base as possible. Technicolor Connected Home remains committed to working with Tata Sky — and network service providers across the world — to minimize risks and total cost of ownership of STB deployments,” concluded Luis Martinez-Amago, President of Technicolor Connected Home.

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i expect some offer from tata sky to increse sale order qty for this new made in india box.

Most likely- offer --- 1)Freee tata sky HD box to active tata sky user, for upgrade customer.
2) effective free UPGRADE hd settop box for no-active subsciber, with conditionlike recrage of rs1200 with balance of rs1200

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