TDSAT directs MIB to rename Veecon Media’s HTN News license as Tiranga TV

TDSAT on Monday granted Veecon Media's plea to challenge MIB's decision to reject other options and allow HTN News as name change option.Tiranga TV is the new name.

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The Telecom Disputes and Settlement Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) on Monday delivered its verdict in the Veecon Media vs Ministry of Information Broadcasting case. The court directed MIB to rename HTN News to Tiranga TV.

As per TDSAT’s website, the court opined that it had no option but to hold and declare that the impugned decision in an order dated 27/03/2019 is bad in law in refusing to allow the petitioner the use of name and logo of “Tiranga TV” opted by the petitioner as its second choice/option which is without the colors of the Indian National Flag along with the name “Tiranga TV” which is currently being used by the petitioner under the orders of the tribunal.

The court noted that in light of the discussions made in the case the impugned letter dated 27.03.2019 is found correct in respect of name and logo opted as first choice/option but set aside in respect of other choices, so as to permit the petitioner the use of name and logo “Tiranga TV” without the colors saffron and green.

The ministry had on 27th March officially approved HTN News name and logo out of the options provided by Veecon Media. The broadcaster felt that there was no good reason for the ministry to reject earlier options and permitting only the last option and challenged it in the TDSAT.

Ever since the broadcaster’s plan to launch its channel came to light in December they have had legal issues with MIB. In December 2018 MIB had passed an order restraining Veecon Media from using its license to telecast any news content or do any other activity like uplinking live content and use of DSNG components without the prior permission of the ministry. The ministry during an exercise in August 2018 had found that Harvest TV and Kaatyani TV were telecasting only devotional contents only and no news bulletins were being telecasted.

Veecon moved TDSAT and stated that it was telecasting content that also had news content. They said that they were not given a chance to explain. Back then TDSAT had stayed the order. The case is currently being heard in TDSAT.

In January 2019 the broadcaster moved TDSAT again alleging inaction by MIB over name and logo change application filed by Veecon Media in 2017. The name change application dated 26th September 2017 wasn’t processed. TDSAT in mid-March directed MIB to apply their mind and process the application within 4 weeks.

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