MIB permits name change application of RT, Gemporia and RK News

Gemporia, RT and RK News are now Indology, Sadhna Bhakti and The Nation Plus respectively.

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The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has approved the name change applications of three channels namely Gemporia, RT and RK News.

Permitted name change applications

Sadhna Bhakti (earlier RT & Prabhatam News)​Prabhatam Advertising Pvt Ltd​Non-News​
Indology (earlier Gemporia & Jewel Alliance)​Pinkcity Jewel House Pvt Ltd.​Non-News​
The Nation Plus (RK News and Prabhatam News)​Prabhatam Advertising Pvt Ltd​News​

Gemporia which is owned by Pinkcity Jewel House Pvt. Ltd. has got the green signal to change its name and logo to Indology. The broadcaster has already rebranded its channel on June 13. This is the 3rd time this license has been renamed. Gemporia and Jewel Alliance are its old names.

The other two name change permissions have been granted to the same broadcaster. Prabhtam Advertising Pvt. Ltd. has been given the go-ahead to change the name of its channels from RK News and RT to The Nation Plus and Sadhna Bhakti.

Sadhna Bhakti had been using the license of RT for a few weeks before it was granted permission. The broadcaster had changed its name on c-band last week only.

The broadcaster also holds three other licenses namely Prajaa Kannada TV, Jia News, and B News.

As per the website of the ministry, it is yet to grant any new license to any broadcaster in June. The ministry in May granted new licenses to Star Sports 1 Malayalam, Epic HD, and Showbox. The ministry had also processed the name change application of Nat Geo People HD and Nat Geo Music HD to Nat Geo Tamil and Nat Geo Telugu.

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