ZEEL renames Ganga Biskope to Zee Biskope

ZEEL has renamed its yet to be launched Bhojpuri movie channel Ganga Biskope to Zee Biskope first spotted by DreamDTH.

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Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) has renamed its yet-to-be-launched Bhojpuri movie channel Ganga Biskope to Zee Biskope first spotted by DreamDTH. The renaming of the channel has happened a few days ago only.

According to the promos released on November 7 by ZEELs Bhojpuri GEC Big Ganga on its YouTube channel, the channel will now be called Zee Biskope. Ganga branding of the channel has been replaced with Zee branding. The logo is similar to Ganga Biskope in color. Bhojpuri movie Mahabharat released in 2018 will be aired on the channel later on as per the promo.

DreamDTH had earlier exclusively shared the images of Ganga Biskope from Asiasat 7. The channel which went on air on satellite on 30 October initially started airing with the name Ganga Bioscope. The channel also carried Ganga Biskope’s logo before being encrypted.

The name change has happened in the last few days. Whether the broadcaster has received permission from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) is unclear. The broadcaster also seems to not have registered the new logo with the Trademark Registry at the time of publishing this article. The RIO also currently carries the old name of the channel.

This is the third name of the channel before even launching. The channel was initially named Zee Bhojpuri Cinema at the time of the initial grant of license. The license was then renamed to Ganga Biskope a few months later. The broadcaster has now a few weeks before its launch again gone for a renaming of the channel and christened it as Zee Biskope.

ZEEL had recently also applied to MIB to rename its licenses Zee Magic and Zee Ganga back to its earlier name Big Ganga and Big Anmol opting to retain its Big brand. The move to rename the channel and drop Ganga branding is surprising given it decided to retain the Big brand. The broadcaster is also yet to rename is channel name on Asiasat 7. Whether the channel is airing with a new logo remains unknown as it is currently encrypted.

ZEEL Managing Director and CEO Punit Goenka during 2QFY20 Earnings Call had said ‘We are on track for the launch of new regional channels in line with
our annual plans.’

2QFY20 Earnings Call Edited Transcript

Ganga Biskope (now Zee Biskope) will be available to a-la-carte subscribers at a nominal rate of Rs 0.1. The channel will be available in only four bouquets namely Zee Family Pack Hindi SD, Zee All-In-One Pack Hindi SD, Zee Family Pack Hindi HD, and Zee All-In-One Pack Hindi HD. The channel will compete with the likes of B4U Bhojpuri, Bhojpuri Cinema and Oscar Movies in the Bhojpuri market.

DreamDTH has reached out to Zee Entertainment for a comment on the name change of Ganga Biskope. At the time of publishing this article, there was no response to our query from ZEELs side. The article will be updated with ZEELs response as and when it responds back.

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