Zing Super FTA box allowing free dish viewers to access pay channels at Rs 10 NCF

Zing Super FTA box allowing free dish viewers to access pay channels at Rs 10 NCF

It comes with one year warranty and offers 230+ paid, free channels.

There are lots of people who can be happy with just an FTA connection if they can only access a few paid channels but DD Free Dish doesn’t allow that and paid operators to require a mandatory NCF up to Rs 153 per month even for a single channel. 

Dish TV came up with a novel approach to do just that and monetize on free dish viewers. The company has launched Zing Super FTA Box which will work exactly like any normal DD Free Dish box without any recharge and also allow users to pay for paid channels whenever they want to watch it. 

What is Zing Super FTA Box

It is a standard definition (SD) DTH connection specially made for DD Free Dish users who occasionally want to watch some paid channels. This compact set-top box is powered by Dish TV and comes with a one year warranty. 

Channels availability and subscription details

Zing FTA

More than 230 paid and free channels are available with this box. It comes with a 2 years Zing FTA pack that will allow users to watch free channels without paying any NCF. To subscribe to a paid channel you have to pay its price along with an additional flat Rs 10 each as the network capacity fee. 

For example, if you subscribe to Sony SAB your monthly charge will be Rs 19 + Rs 10 = Rs 29 (GST additional). You can subscribe to sports channels during important matches and drop them later to use the STB with FTA channels for free.  This flexibility to choose and pay for NCF only on paid channels makes it unique and the best option for those who only watch a few pay channels.

How to get a new connection

  • Zing Super FTA Account1
  • Zing Super FTA account

Unlike other DTH operators the Zing Super FTA box can’t be purchased online, you have to contact your nearest DTH dealer to buy it. The box will cost Rs 800 – Rs 1,200 depending on dealer and ODU or dish antenna need to be brought separately. Once purchased, the dealer will activate your 2 years FTA pack and give you the connection details so that you can manage your pack. After the initial 2 years, you can again pay around Rs 499 per year and continue using it. 

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