Zing Super FTA reduces NCF, IPL channel to be offered for free

NCF for initial slab now starts at Rs 5 per channel, validity on new connections is doubled and free IPL sports channels will be offered as well.

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Zing Super FTA has just become even more attractive with the announcement of new customer-friendly offers. The company has reduced NCF for initial slab, doubled validity on new connections and will provide free sports channels as well. Dish D2H is sending text messages to its authorized dealers across India informing them about the offers. 

NCF reduced to half

Generally, for paid channels, Zing Super FTA box users have to pay Rs 10 NCF but now the operator has decreased it to Rs 5 each channel for the initial slab and 5 paid channels and Rs 10 per channel after that. The cost till the first 5 paid channels will be Channel price + Rs 5 NCF + tax. 

Double validity for new connections

All new Zing Super FTA boxes purchased under this offer will get 230+ free channels at no extra cost, no Network Capacity Fee (NCF) for a period of 2 years, earlier only 1-year subscription to this plan was being provided. After 2 years, users can pay Rs 499 per year and continue using the box. 

Free IPL Matches for new connections

Zing Super FTA box new connections purchased after September 4th will get a completely free subscription to Star Sports 1 Hindi (usual price Rs 19 + tax) for watching popular Indian Premier League (IPL) matches. This channel will be automatically added to such eligible customer’s account on 17th September and will be dropped on 17th October.

This set-top box can be brought through offline channels only, customers need to contact their nearest dealer. A new Zing Super FTA connection without outdoor unit or dish antenna will cost between Rs 800 – Rs 1200 depending on the dealer and will be bundled with 2 years free channels plan.

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Chanell count for SD/HD same?

It's SD connection, there are no HD channels available on this box

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