Unboxing and initial impressions of Dish D2H Zing Super FTA box

This DishNXT model DCH-2090S set top box is manufactured by Paget Electronics and made in India. 

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A few days ago we reported about a DD Free Dish alternative from Dish D2H, the Zing Super FTA connection. Now we have the set-top box itself so let’s dive into details of what you will get by paying up to Rs 1,200 for this set-top box (STB). 

Inside the box

We got Dish NXT special edition STB with Zing and Dish D2H branding. Inside the box apart from the set-top box, you get a power adapter, A/V cable and remote with two AAA batteries. This box is manufactured by Paget Electronics and made in India. It comes with one year warranty.

Set-top box details

DishNXT model DCH-2090S is being provided with this connection. This model was launched last year and Dish TV SD users also get the same set-top box. Apart from the outer package, you won’t notice any difference between this and Dish TV SD STB because only Dish TV customer care and other contact details are mentioned, not Zing Digital. 

The SD set-top box is sleek, compact, matte-black finish and of good build quality. Its size is just a little bigger than a bike key. On the front, DishNXT branding and model number is mentioned along with LED lights. Dish TV logo and call centre numbers are present on top of the box and air ventilation space is given on the side and bottom. 

Talking about ports, it has an antenna port for connection with the satellite dish, three audio/video ports to connect STB with a television set and one 12V 1A power input port. Since this is a Dish TV SD box your user interface (UI) will be identical to that of Dish TV users. 

Universal Remote Setup

The remote provided with this box is universal and can be configured to control both set-top box and television with the same remote. Follow these steps to configure the DishNXT remote for controlling your TV:

  1. Press and hold the ‘SET’ button for 5 seconds with the LED turning bright.
  2. Put Dish TV remote and your television remote aiming at each other with about 10cm distance.
  3. Press Power, Volume up/down and Input buttons first on the STB remote then on the television remote.
  4. When the configuration is successful, the LED on the remote will remain ON after blinking three times. 
  5. To save and exit press the ‘SET’ button.

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