A handy guide to HD channels offered by Indian DTH operators in 2021

In-depth guide on HD channel availability across HD operators in 2021.

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Over the past decade, the TV viewing landscape changed in India with the High definition (HD) wave hitting the TV industry. A boom in the number of HD channels over the last few years crossed the century mark before dropping down to 2 digits given the recent shut down of multiple HD channels. The average viewing time of High Definition channels has continued to grow post the New Tariff Order.

Here we will enlist the HD channels offered by all the pay Direct to Home (DTH) operators along with their current count. This is intended to help potential subscribers get a birds-eye view and make an informed choice while picking a DTH service provider. Dish TV and d2h have been listed separately since they operate as individual brands and have separate channel offerings as well. The state-owned DD Free Dish has been left out of this comparison since it only has DD News HD among its offerings.


  • Page 2 – General patterns of HD LCN arrangement
  • Page 3 – Hindi General Entertainment Channels (GECs)
  • Page 4 – Hindi Movie Channels
  • Page 5 – English GECs
  • Page 6 – English Movie Channels (Mainstream)
  • Page 7 – English Movie Channels (Niche and Specialized)
  • Page 8 – Hindi and English News Channels
  • Page 9 – Sports Channels (Star)
  • Page 10 – Sports Channels (Sony and Discovery)
  • Page 11 – Hindi and English Music Channels
  • Page 12 – Kids Channels
  • Page 13 – Lifestyle, Food and Travel Channels
  • Page 14 – Knowledge and Infotainment Channels
  • Page 15 – Tamil Channels
  • Page 16 – Telugu Channels (ETV and Star)
  • Page 17 – Telugu Channels (Sun and Zee)
  • Page 18 – Kannada Channels
  • Page 19 – Malayalam Channels
  • Page 20 – Marathi Channels
  • Page 21 – Bangla Channels
  • Page 22/23 – Statistical Analysis

Note – While every effort is made to ensure that the data in the chart is up to date at all times, readers are advised to cross-check the availability with the concerned DTH operator before attempting to subscribe to a channel. Certain human errors might have crept in during manual compilation of the data, any mistakes/rectification can be brought to the notice of the Team or to the creator of the presentation through the comments section below.

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@JollyLNB bro you and @zaxotes bro added Sony Marathi HD in the list. You should add Star Gold 2 HD also in the list. & ABP News HD also.(y):tup:

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