Airtel Digital TV doubles down on edutainment offerings with Vedantu Masterclass

The service provider has launched dedicated DTH channels in tie-up with Vedantu on its platform which went live today.

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Airtel Vedantu Masterclass

Direct to Home (DTH) operator Airtel Digital TV has doubled down on its edutainment offerings tieing up with Vedantu through an innovative partnership that will be accessible to students across the country by leveraging the deep reach of Airtel. The service provider has launched dedicated DTH channels in tie-up with Vedantu on its platform which went live today.

As part of the tieup, Vedantu Masterclass will be available exclusively to the 17 million strong customer base of Airtel Digital TV at a price of Rs 4 per day. The channel will cater to students from Class 6 to Class 10 and Class 11 to Class 12 respectively covering Maths and Science. The learning will be delivered by the best in-class faculty including graduates from IIT and AIIMS with proven records in teaching while the medium of teaching will be a mix of English and Hindi with plans underway to add regional language content wherever possible.

The tieup has been in place for over a month Airtel testing Vedantu Masterclass as test channels ever since late October on its platform which have now been formally launched.

This is Airtel’s second such tie-up after tieing up with Aakash Institute to offer Aakash EduTV – JEE and Aakash EduTV – NEET which will offer will offer high-quality coaching sessions across India to prepare for entrance exams such as JEE/Advanced and NEET with the best-in-class faculty of Aakash to teach the students through LIVE interactive classes and help students learn key concepts and solve problems.

Vedantu Class (6-10) is available on channel number 417 while Vedantu Class (11-12) is available on channel number 418 on the Airtel Digital TV platform. The company has placed replicate LCNs of the same on LCN 102 and LCN 103 each.

While the daily cost is Rs 4 per day, Airtel is also offering different topups to its customers who are keen to subscribe to Vedantu Masterclass on Airtel’s platform.

Airtel Vedantu (6th-12th) 5+1 Upfront NRRs 600
Airtel Vedantu (6th-12th) Free for first 7 daysRs 120
Airtel Vedantu (6th-12th) 1M Upfront NRC Rs 120
Airtel Vedantu All classes – Rs 4 per dayRs 120

“We are delighted to partner with Vedantu to democratise high-quality education by making it highly affordable and accessible through the home TV. The TV screen is evolving beyond entertainment to becoming a hub for interactive education and learning that can be delivered in a safe and affordable manner, especially in these unprecedented times.  We are confident that this service will be well received by students and parents and education on TV will become a permanent feature which will benefit millions of students.”   

Sunil Taldar, CEO & Director – DTH Business, Bharti Airtel

Vamsi Krishna, CEO & Co-Founder, Vedantu, added,“Having established Vedantu as the unanimous choice for LIVE online learning in the metros and key cities, our next mission is to make our highly curated teachers and content available to a vast majority of Indian students. As a brand we are going the extra mile to make quality education accessible. Our partnership with Airtel DTH is in this direction and we are delighted to use our collective strengths to sustain India’s learning needs in smaller towns and villages.”

India is said to have 260 million school-going children with those in small-towns and villages having no access to high quality learning due to the limited access as well as shortage of faculty while some are said to be doing even travel long distances for tuitions during the current pandemic.

Airtel and Vedantu feel the deeper penetration with the home TV screen will provide a medium to impart knowledge and bridge the gap between quality teachers and students. The channel will offer 11 hours of fresh interactive content which will be available daily to students with repeat telecast for students who missed the class or are keen to revise the content. The classes will also include interactive quizzes which students can respond to using the TV remote.

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